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When Milk
Met Icecream


Who We Are

Our Story

How it all started...

Once milk met ice cream and they both fell in Love. We thought they are made for each other and bought them together as our Milkshakes.

In a city called Hyderabad, three friends joined their hands to help people who are in love. As expected, they helped milk and icecream becoming one as a Milkshake.

Since then they were called “Makers Of Milkshakes” , We at “Makers Of Milkshakes” are very good at bringing people together over a milkshake filled with milk icecream and lots of love.

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Our Customers Love

Whenever I go....I'll check everything irony is I'll end up ordering ferrero rocher shake.... these guys makes this ...just awesome....... moreover I tried all... every seasonal shake is good and Banana shake... Yammy

SaiKrishna Addagalla Customer

One of the best milkshakes I have had in my life.. you will get the full value for your money. . give a visit to the store and experience it..

Rahul Karpurapu Customer

So vivid, so diverse and so very good!! Absolutely loved it. Definitely the best in business.

Sanjay Krishna Customer

They make amazing milkshakes and the best part is they have a great customer centric service! :D

Ramya Vedicherla Customer

We are everywhere

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